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”Cellblocks to Mountaintops" is a multimedia podcast with a companion video series. It delves into how America addresses violence, defines justice, and seeks accountability through the compelling journey of one man. Years after committing a horrific crime, Sterling Cunio confronts the full ripple effects of the harm he caused.  Through artistic expression, human connections, and inspired by restorative justice principles, he undergoes a remarkable personal transformation during decades in prison.

This story serves as a poignant reminder that hope, healing, and redemption are never beyond reach, even in the darkest of places.


Apr. 18, 2024

08 - a path forward

Sterling’s new circumstances bring both joy and challenges in ways he hadn’t anticipated.  Meanwhile, legal advocates, community groups, and nonprofit organizations actively work to create alternatives to incarceration by facilitating opportunities for mediation, accountability, and transformation.

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Apr. 20, 2024

Watch Sterling receive startling news as his legal battles come to a head.  Sterling delivers a passionate performance of his poem,  “Society Imagined.”

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