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narrative alchemy, SONIC UNION + PRX 

Original Concept
Executive Producer and Director
lydia B. Smith,
with permission from sterling cunio
Story Editor
jessica pupovac

FOR Narrative Alchemy

Producer and Fact-checker
debra m. simon

Legal Counsel

mark bradford

Legal Consultants

Aliza Kaplan

Ryan O'Connor

Graphic Designer
Content Consultant
 Outreach and Marketing Producer

FOR Sonic Union

Kimu Elolia
Original Music and Music Supervisor
justin morris
Audio Engineer
MacEy estes
Sound Design and Mixing
rob ballingall
macey estes
Sonic Union Executive Creative Director
halle petro
Head of Production
pat sullivan
FOR PRX productions
Executive Producer
Jocelyn Gonzalez

Jacoba Atlas 

ryan white 

Dan Sadowsky

Alan Bennett

 Evan Gandy 

Joey Glick 

Alex Thiel 

Quinton Carr-Goodwin​

Institute of Politics at Harvard Kennedy School

Narrative Alchemy is a small non-profit whose mission is to harness the power of storytelling to inspire, uplift and empower underserved populations.  We envision a future where stories are valued as powerful tools for social change and we strive to create a world that embraces equity, justice, and compassion.


Sonic Union is an award-winning creative audio studio in NYC offering state of the art sound design, music, mix, podcast development and production services.


PRX (Public Radio Exchange) Nonprofit public media company PRX is one of the world’s top podcast publishers, public radio distributors, and audio producers, working in partnership with leading independent creators, organizations, and stations to bring meaningful audio storytelling into millions of listeners’ lives.

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