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podcast episode 7
gasping for air

Apr. 11, 2024

Everything stopped in 2020 with the global Covid-19 pandemic, but in Oregon, another catastrophe was underway… unprecedented wildfires. Prisons across the state were forced to evacuate, adding even more strain to an outdated infrastructure. The twists and turns of Sterling’s legal battles finally come to a head. 

Correction: Four prisons were evacuated to Oregon State Penitentiary in September of 2020 not three as mentioned in the podcast.  Coffee Creek Correction Facility, a women’s prison also has an Intake Center which processes both men and women.  The men from Coffee Creek Intake Center were evacuated to Oregon State Penitentiary.

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Watch Sterlings attorneys and loved ones react to the results of the hearing in The Decision.  See Anthony’s life take a sharp turn in Yellow Fire Hydrant
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